MiOS Integrates Electricity Meter with Home Area Network (HAN)

Posted: Jan 09, 2012

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 10th, 2012—Today at the International Consumer Electronics Show, MiOS, Echo Labs and Blue Line Innovations demonstrate a turnkey solution for utilities, channel partners and consumers to more easily manage home energy through a tighter integration of ANY electricity Meter and the HAN.

“Combining Blue Line’s electricity meter monitoring technology to communicate with Echo Labs’ ERGY app and MiOS’ control platform gives all consumers a greater visibility of their energy usage in real time, plus greater control of when appliances and high energy consuming devices should be turned on or shut off for greater energy savings. Through the MiOS network, consumers are able to set specific times of the day when their thermostat should be turned down, or their lights should be turned off,” said Lew Brown, EVP Business Development, Sales, and Marketing of MiOS, Ltd.

“We are excited to be able to extend the already premier MiOS home control platform with our market leading ERGY energy management solution. Tying this together with Blue Lines’ PowerCost Monitor TM makes this the ultimate complete solution,” says Bill Fleming, Echo Labs’ CEO.

“MiOS and Echo Labs empower the consumer. Whole home energy usage data is displayed in real time on the ERGY application running on MiOS dashboard allowing the homeowner to track, monitor and control their usage from devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers. Consumers can set specific parameters as to when energy adjustments are to be automatically executed. Having both information and control in real time really hits the mark”, says Peter Porteous, CEO of Blue Line Innovations, Inc.

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