BlueArc Corporation Titan 3210 Network Storage System Throughput Evaluation with NFS Version 3 Protocol Test Summary

BlueArc Corporation commissioned The Tolly Group to examine the I/O performance characteristics of the Titan 3210 Network Storage System, a purpose-built network storage solution.

Tolly Group engineers measured the throughput of a single Titan 3210 node when handling file-access requests using the Network File Systems (NFS) Version 3 protocol. The back-end storage system used for testing was a Hitachi Data Sys- tems (HDS) Universal Storage Platform V (USP V) outfitted with 256 Fibre Channel (FC) HDDs. Throughput was measured for a variety of read, write and mixed read/write operations from/to back-end disks with sequential access. Engineers also measured the throughput of two Titan 3210 nodes in a cluster in the same scenarios.