A Reputation-Based Approach for Efficient Filtration of Spam

Cloudmark’s collaborative approach to fighting spam—with its additional attribute of “reputation” added to a community of real users who identify, report, and corroborate suspect messages in real time—has proven more effective and faster than traditional blocking or filtering methods. At the core of the Cloudmark Global Threat Network™ is the Trust Evaluation SystemTM (TES). TES ensures the “reputation” of reporters by tracking how often the larger recipient community agrees with their assessment of a message. In addition, Cloudmark uses an automated system of highly-proficient, fingerprinting algorithms. Advanced Message Fingerprinting maintain the privacy of the content and reduce the amount of data to be analyzed. Once a message fingerprint is cataloged as spam, all future messages matching that fingerprint are automatically filtered. Because a reputation-based collaborative system does not draw blanket conclusions about terms, hosts, or people, it has proven to increase accuracy, particularly as it relates to false positives and critical false positives, while simultaneously decreasing administration costs.