E-mail & Messaging BlueArc Solutions Profile

According to IDC, e-mail volume has doubled over the past five years to over 40 billion person-to-person e-mails daily. Moreover, the volume is expected to continue to grow over 18 percent in each of the next five years. E-mail systems have quickly become a critical lifeline for today’s business. Billions of e-mails are sent every day, and the yearly increase in the number of e-mails sent averages about 30 percent. This puts new burdens on IT groups tasked with managing critical e-mail infrastructures.

Enterprise IT and e-mail service providers face multiple challenges in ensuring mission-critical access to e-mail, including:

  • provisioning resources for unpredictable and frequent spikes in demand,
  • managing systems that strain to handle large volumes of simultaneous users and equally large directory structures
  • spending long hours reconfiguring and fine-tuning systems.

BlueArc is a proven industry leader helping organizations scale storage messaging capacity and improve overall system performance even under the most demanding e-mail workloads. When critical e-mail systems are at stake, companies have come to depend on BlueArc storage for its high availability, performance and ease of provisioning.