Data Sheets

CommuniGate Pro Carrier Suite

CommuniGate Systems is the most trusted and stable software
vendor providing Internet Communications solutions for over 15 years. The company’s success is a result of an innovative one-step-ahead technology practice with high customer satisfaction.

CommuniGate Systems enables service providers, carriers and mobile operators to launch new services with fast go-to-market
delivery, driving increases in ARPU. The Carrier Suite of CommuniGate Pro offers infrastructure and applications to address both consumer and business subscriber markets.


Media & Entertainment BlueArc Industry Profile

BlueArc has experienced success in the Media & Entertain- ment vertical market by focusing on a specific segment – film and interactive game creation – where storage usage is explo- ding and performance requirements are extreme. Within this segment, BlueArc targets the following sub segments: * Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) * Post Production Houses * Video Game Developers

Prospects in these sub segments face intense pressures to
build an infrastructure that helps artists improve quality and
turnaround times.


Internet Services BlueArc Industry Profile

Companies within the Internet Services vertical market share a common goal of providing products and services over the Internet. Serving such an enormous consumer base requires a considerable amount of storage capacity, robust systems, flexible information management tools, predictable performance, and security features. Given such data volumes, cost efficiency also becomes increasingly important, which requires a solution that is easy to manage, handles multiple tiers of storage and scales both horizontally and vertically to match demand.


Energy BlueArc Industry Profile

There is explosive growth in companies conducting oil and gas exploration. Companies in this space face the challenge of finding oil and gas resources quickly. With advances in seismic imaging and modeling tools, exploration companies are continuing to shorten prospecting cycles and improve drilling success rates.

Geoscientists can process and interpret 100’s of terabytes of data at one time! This data is moved through a processing workflow that includes seismic processing, analysis, modeling and visualization, with data processing time taking hours and even days.


E-mail & Messaging BlueArc Solutions Profile

According to IDC, e-mail volume has doubled over the past five years to over 40 billion person-to-person e-mails daily. Moreover, the volume is expected to continue to grow over 18 percent in each of the next five years. E-mail systems have quickly become a critical lifeline for today’s business. Billions of e-mails are sent every day, and the yearly increase in the number of e-mails sent averages about 30 percent. This puts new burdens on IT groups tasked with managing critical e-mail infrastructures.


Carrier-Grade Protection against Spam, Phishing and Viruses

Cloudmark authority, a carrier-grade software solution, delivers the industry’s fastest and most accurate spam, phishing and virus protection. Cloudmark uses a unique combination of advanced message Fingerprinting™ and real-time threat reporting from the Cloudmark Global Threat network, consisting of trusted users in 190 countries around the globe. Cloudmark authority blocks abusive messages with greater than 98% accuracy and near zero false positives.


Comprehensive Messaging Security and Policy Management

The unprecedented surge in messaging abuse calls for a new paradigm for protecting the hosted messaging environment. Cloudmark gateway performs intelligent protocol and content filtering at the perimeter of any hosted messaging environment including Microsoft Exchange, IbM Lotus Domino, Novell Groupwise and Linux-based email. Tightly integrated with Cloudmark Authority, it blocks 98% of unwanted email traffic before it impacts internal storage and mail servers.


One address for all Your IP Communications with Email, Collaboration, IM and VoIP

CommuniGate Pro provides a full set of features and simple administration to satisfy the needs of small and mid-sized businesses, but it also scales to multi-million user clusters, making it ideal for carrier-class ISP, wireless and cable providers and large scale universities and enterprises.



CommuniGate Pro is a powerful multi-tenant mobile solution with built-in AirSync features supporting a wide range of mobile devices. CommuniGate Pro’s Unified Communication applications allow users to have a single identity with multiple device and access methods. Users have the same experiences, and same data, whether they use a mobile device, webmail, the Flash Pronto! UI, Outlook, or Mac clients. These features allow true portability for today’s mobile workforce.