Energy BlueArc Industry Profile

There is explosive growth in companies conducting oil and gas exploration. Companies in this space face the challenge of finding oil and gas resources quickly. With advances in seismic imaging and modeling tools, exploration companies are continuing to shorten prospecting cycles and improve drilling success rates.

Geoscientists can process and interpret 100’s of terabytes of data at one time! This data is moved through a processing workflow that includes seismic processing, analysis, modeling and visualization, with data processing time taking hours and even days. Hence the time required to process data carries a high opportunity cost. With data intensive workflow requiring high storage performance levels, BlueArc provides energy companies with a storage solution that can help them meet their business needs.

BlueArc provides a high-performance network storage infrastructure that is fast, easily expandable and cost-effective. It helps energy companies accelerate the exploration workflow to speed time to production and increased revenue.