E-mail Archiving

As the number of e-mails your customers send and receive continues to rise, message retrieval becomes a more complex problem. E-mail archiving from ECHO Labs provides quick and easy access to e-mail data saving time and money.

Inbound and outbound email gets stored instantly and is immediately ready for quick and secure recovery. Subscribers expect to easily find all their electronic communication regardless of age. Archiving from ECHO Labs provides anywhere access to deleted emails, as well as old messages and attachments.

ECHO's Email Archiving Solution Features:

  • Total Archiving: Archives incoming, outgoing & internal e-mail
  • Granular Archiving Rules: Define granular e-mail archiving rules according to retention policy
  • E-Mail Encryption: During e-mail archival, e-mails are encrypted using triple DES encryption
  • Search & Retrieval: Search, view and print archive using complex search criteria
  • Search Inside Attachments: Supports multiple attachment types (e.g. Word, Powerpoint, RTF, PDF and ZIP)
  • Web-based User Interface: Use a web browser to search for e-mails
  • Employee Access: Permit/restrict employee access to the e-mail archive
  • Auditing: Comprehensive audit trail of e-mail archiving and e-mail discovery system activities
  • PST Import: Import e-mails from MS Outlook PST files
  • Exchange Import: Import e-mails directly from MS Exchange
  • Documentation: Detailed usage instructions