E-mail & Unified Messaging


Widely considered the ultimate application, email certainly ranks among the most difficult and time-intensive to manage. Subscribers demand modern features, spam and virus protection, sleek design, and 100% accessibility. Providing a messaging platform that meets these demands requires a professional IT team, creative development, and cutting-edge security strategies.

Business-savvy ISPs partner with industry experts who deliver e-mail and messaging products custom-tailored to meet the growing demands of today’s consumers.

Using CommuniGate Systems core technology platform, Communigate Pro, ECHO Labs provides operators with the most reliable, cost-effective, and content-rich e-mail solution available helping you drive new revenue and retain existing customers.

ECHO Labs private-label e-mail brings you the simplicity and feature-rich performance of a hosted solution without sacrificing the custom control and scalability you’d expect from an on-site system.

Service providers across the globe rely on ECHO Labs to distribute world-class messaging to their subscribers.

unified messaging

ECHO Labs Unified Messaging solution provides a compliment of features to offer your subscribers. Help add value to your services by delivering a completely integrated, mobile-synched organization tool featuring:

  • Active Sync, iPhone and Blackberry
  • Shared Folders
  • Shared Calendars
  • MS Outlook with MAPI connector to replace MS Exchange
  • Integrated IM

Migration: Seamless and Fast

With over 10 years of experience moving users to and from various messaging platforms, ECHO Labs can assist in migrating existing email accounts onto to the new service seamlessly and quickly. Using Live & Transparent migration a.k.a. “The Proxy Migration Method” the transition is invisible to the users with no down time.

ECHO has developed a number of different tools and scripts which minimize customer impact. At times these migrations have been performed without the cooperation of existing provider. User names and passwords are unnecessary to successfully migrate accounts to our system, and our webmail can be customized to replicate the previous interface.